Thanks to the armistice enacted in the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in the eleventh month in 1918, the foundation for Veteran’s Day was laid. At America’s Money Line, we want to express our gratitude and thanks for the service you have given to this country.

As a small token of appreciation, you have the option of obtaining a VA loan. This specialty mortgage allows for new home building, purchasing a home, purchasing a home and making improvements, or refinancing. 

Why consider a VA loan? They do come with their own set of unique benefits! These benefits include no penalty fees for paying off the loan early, fewer closing costs, no private mortgage insurance, better terms and interest rates, and no down payment. 

The paperwork and requirements vary slightly from a conventional loan but we know exactly what’s required and are ready to escort you through the loan process. 

If you’re even considering a VA home loan or have any questions, please contact us today!