Set your goals on a home addition

No question, a New Year’s resolution is a time-honored tradition. If we are honest with ourselves, in some years we are better at accomplishing these “resolutions” than in others. I think that it would be arguable that we cannot wait for 2020 to be over and to start fresh in 2021. Keep in mind, with an unpredictable 2021 ahead of us, we need to be flexible with our goals and budget for realistic expense plans. No one knows exactly what lies ahead.

Our tip is to make sure to add “improve your home” to your New Year’s resolutions. Why not take a step in the right direction with home improvements. You can help preserve the value of your home as well as making it more resilient to weather, while creating a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to live. Whether you plan on spending a lifetime in your home or are looking at it as an investment, it’s smart to keep your home up-to-date, in style, and in tip-top condition. 

There are multiple ways to fund a home addition and there are many wrong ways to do this as well. The web holds a wealth of information but it doesn’t always give you the correct and best answers. At America’s Moneyline, we are here with a wealth of knowledge to share with you as we strive to assist all of our clients as they make their home  improvement/buying decisions.  

Below are some options that may work for you: 

+ A Refund Anticipation Loan

+ Credit Card Cash Advances

+ Good Old-Fashioned Saving

+ Cash-Out Refinance

If you want to learn more about which option may work best for you, do not hesitate to reach out to us! Every one of our clients has a unique situation that is theirs alone. Our best advice to you is to pause and take a moment to talk about your next home chapter with one of our loan officers at America’s Moneyline.