Searching for your dream Home

If searching for your dream home is one your 2020 goals,  you may be already living in it. If you haven’t asked yourself that question, ask it. If you are still dreaming bigger when it comes to aspects of your home it may be time to invest in your home’s full potential. Dreaming of what your home can become is healthy, fun and exhilarating. We encourage you to also try picturing your house at it’s full potential. Think about these options:   

Build a garage

A garage can be so much more than just a place for your cars. If you think outside of the box it can serve as an area for a bonus room, storage, or even a tinkering and fixing station. When considering a garage for these uses you may run into extra expenses for plumbing, electrical, cooling and heating.

Add on a sunroom

If you are seeking more natural light in your home, building a sunroom is a great way to stay protected from the extreme heat, cold and bad weather. Naturally lighting in the housing market is a strong selling feature and will add some value to your home. 

Add Dormers to your roof

Dormers are vertical constructions, often containing a window that are pitched up and out from the roof of the home. They serve to make a house feel more friendly and they can add light/ ventilation to parts of the home. 

Whatever your dreams are, it’s always a good plan to take time considering these decisions. The options listed above are just some that normally don’t come to mind at first. If you find yourself wanting to make these additions to your home and do not have the cash, there are ways to get help from your current home to finance the changes you desire.

Contact America’s Moneyline since we would be more than happy to walk you through your options!