As Americans still adjust to the new life that COVID-19 has created for all of us, mortgage brokers have risen to the occasion to withhold a new importance to the housing market. It would be inaccurate to say that things are starting to return to normal, as we approach the one year marker of the pandemic. At America’s Moneyline we know that customers still face many challenges. As your broker we are here to educate you and guide you through the mortgage process during these extraordinary times. 

The spring buying season is set to face fierce buying competition. While mortgage interest rates are still at near historic lows, lenders have tightened their lending standards. Many big name institutional lenders are requiring borrowers to have a credit score well over 600 in order to qualify for a mortgage. This cap has shut out financially stable borrowers for executing a mortgage loan for the purchase of their dream home. The good news is that mortgage brokers work with their clients to find products that fit their exact needs and help simplify the process. 

Mortgage brokers speed up the borrowing process. At America’s Moneyline we conduct the mortgage product research for you in a timely manner as constant changes occur on a daily basis. Many clients who come to us are frustrated with how they were presented with a mortgage product at other financial institutions.  A mortgage broker’s goal is to give their clients the reassurance and confidence that they are receiving the best deal possible. 

It has been proven that borrowers trust their broker to act in their best interest. Brokers are given the opportunity to really understand and gain trust from their clients to help benefit their overall financial interest. Client trust is an important factor that we cherish at America’s Moneyline. As a broker our job is not done when your mortgage closes. We encourage communication from our borrowers if they are ever in need of financial advice, they have lost their job, or suffered a major emergency.  We can advise our clients on a practical solution that will satisfy their needs.

With COVID-19 still in the air, today’s borrowers need partners who will help them understand market changes and help them make the correct decisions. Give America’s Moneyline a call today!