How much does it cost to move?

Whether you are planning to move across the country or simply changing suburbs, there will be variant levels of moving expenses that you will incur. However you choose to move, there will be expenses based on the level of service for which you are looking. Some things to keep in mind are that there are plenty of options for moving. Options to consider:

Truck Rental:

In this scenario, you will be paying for the truck, the truck rental fee per day, gas, and the mileage charge. Flat rate fees can start around $20 per day.

You pack-They load transport and unload:

Save money by packing and unpacking all the boxes yourself, but have professional movers do the heavy lifting for you. For a local move, the service can range from $200 to $2,000 depending on the size of the house.

Full-Service movers:

Leave everything to the pros including the wrapping, packing, loading, and transporting of items to your new home. You will just be responsible for unpacking your belongings once you are settled in. This is a good option for long-distance moves. Expect to pay roughly $2000-$5000 for transportation plus $.50 per pound and $25-$50 per hour per mover for packing and unpacking help.

Moving Supplies:

Keep in mind you will need to purchase moving supplies such as boxes, padding, tape, and other materials. You can also go green and rent hard plastic boxes for your move. Prices start around $50 to $200 per week. Once you have completed your move the rental service will pick up the boxes.