Clarity on the post-COVID economic recovery

We are all looking for market clarity for post-COVID economic recovery. According to the most recent U.S. Household Debt and Credit report, Americans owe $14.3 trillion dollars. A mere $9.8 trillion of that is debt tied up in mortgages. So what does this mean for the future of our economy? 

The takeaway can be seen from the $76 million dollar drop in our credit card balances (the largest drop ever recorded in the history of the report) from the consequence of COVID-19. This will in fact bode the speed in our economic recovery. If Americans are not spending, the economy can’t grow. 

Although there is a light, most consumers who are home shopping remain highly qualified to buy homes, even in the current, shall we say “unique,” economic environment. This is a major positive! The consumers with less than perfect credit are remarkably a small component of new mortgage debt. So who is purchasing homes?

The age range of borrows that we are seeing are the ages of 30-39. The older Millennials and the youngest Gen Xers are out purchasing homes. Millennials are a major force in the U.S. home-buying market, and they will only get bigger over the next several years.

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