Are you making a move in the new year?

Moving can be a daunting task and may feel quite overwhelming. So many factors play into finding your next home including location, price, size, as well as dealing with deal breakers. . Our biggest tip, at America’s Moneyline, is do not overwhelm yourself. Do you need a bigger home or do you need to downsize? 

Ask yourself the following questions. If any of them apply to you then you may have an idea of where your decision needs to fall.

The Bigger home checklist:

  • Members have been added to the family
  • The children are sharing bedrooms
  • Possibly want a pool 
  • Larger backyard for entertaining
  • Larger or more rooms for activities

The Downsize Checklist:

  • There are more bedrooms than necessary
  • Lower my energy bills
  • My mortgage payment is high
  • You spend more time traveling than home
  • Sick of house maintenance

If you find yourself leaning more towards a specific list let us know. At America’s Moneyline we offer many loan options. Give us a call today!