COVID-19 is still prominent in our country. Many of the measures taken to prevent the spread are still in effect, including many “non-essential” workers working from home. Staying focused and organized in a new multi-use space can seem daunting. Did you know that you can feel more productive and relaxed by organizing and making your work area visually appealing? Follow these simple tips below to do just that. 

1.Commit to your space

Many people working from home don’t have a room made specifically for a home office, which leads to routines that are easily derailed. Start your day in a correct mindset by dedicating a spot in your home that will become your workspace, even if it’s your kitchen table. Wherever you decide to settle, make sure it has adequate lighting and a comfortable chair. Create a seamless tech setup allowing for video calls without having to fidget with plugs or wires. 

2. Declutter

While this may seem like an obvious action to take when working from home, the reality is many of us don’t take the time to cater to our desk or work area. Now is the time to change that! If an item doesn’t serve a function for your job, remove it, or throw it away. Pair like items and place pens and paper clips in their own holders. If something is essential for your work, make sure it’s close by and on hand for when you need it.

5. Curate an inspiration board

Working from home can become monotonous. Set the stage and keep yourself looking forward by creating an inspiration board or wall. Fill it with what makes you happy. This could include pets, family, travel plans, or personal goals. Create a multifunctional board by adding a to-do list and important reminders next to your inspirations. Times are tough, but keep focusing on the positive and uplifting goals by keeping them in your sight!

4. Do a background check

Video calls may now be a part of how you conduct your day to day business. If you find yourself in this situation, think about what clients and colleagues are seeing behind you while you chat. Keep things clean and uncluttered. If you have space, show off your personal style by placing an art piece, interesting souvenirs, or semi-filled bookcase in the background. Don’t forget, people want to see you, so make sure lighting is adequate and the space is well lit. 

5. Set the mood

If you’ve never been able to create a “dream office”, now is your chance! At your home, you create the rules. Burn some scented candles to add an extra layer of warmth and calm to the area. If there are children or pets around, consider an aromatherapy diffuser. Fill the airways with the music of your choice. Set out some healthy snacks to satisfy an afternoon craving. It’s okay for your office to feel like home, especially if it keeps you focused and calm when it comes to tasks at hand.