10 Reasons to choose a mortgage broker

At America’s Moneyline we negotiate your mortgage options knowing that many people feel uncomfortable or uncertain when it comes to negotiating their loan. Since America’s Moneyline is a broker, our loan officers negotiate mortgages every day on behalf of homebuyers. Below is a list of ten reasons why you should choose to work with a mortgage broker!

1. Our guaranteed independent advice. At America’s Moneyline we are not locked into any specific products or lenders. Our recommendations are solely based on what options will work best for you!

2. One stop shopping saves you time. Since America’s Moneyline is not tied to any specific products, our loan officers will get to know you solely for your own financial needs. We make comparison shopping easy, fast and extremely convenient by narrowing down options that will suit you the best!

3. We negotiate for you.  You can count on America’s Moneyline to present highly qualified market knowledge, which will help you secure a competitive rate and term that benefits you and your homeownership goals. Our number one goal is for you to feel confident when you make your mortgage decisions.

4. More options equal competitive rates. At America’s Moneyline your options for amazing rates are extensive. Compared to a “traditional lender”  (credit union, bank, ect.) who can offer you only one rate, we can find you the most competitive rate that the industry offers. 

5. We ensure that you are receiving the best. Keep in mind that if you have a pre-approval letter from another lender or financial institution, you’re not obligated to stop shopping for the perfect broker. At America’s Moneyline we can investigate your financial situation to find an option that will best suit your needs.

6. Don’t let special incentives woo you. There are many financial institutions that exist who want to gain your business by offering you many incentives in hopes that they are attracting a creditworthy individual. At America’s Moneyline we would much rather offer you the best financial option for your mortgage, rather than induce you to make a decision based on retail points or special incentives.. 

7. Your mortgage processes quickly! At America’s Moneyline, we know that it is our job and promise, that your mortgage transaction closes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

8. Our expert advice exceeds others. At America’s Moneyline we’ll speak to you in plain language when it comes to discussing your mortgage, rates, and the housing market. Our loan officers take pride in explaining the various mortgage terms and conditions so we can help you make your mortgage decisions with confidence.

9. There is no cost to you! Our advice and mortgage options come at no additional charge. At America’s Moneyline we guarantee that you will receive the best service possible. By saving you valuable time, you are ensured to receive the best valued outcome.  

10. Our continual support. Once you have closed on your mortgage, America’s Moneyline is still here for you and all your mortgage needs. If you have any questions regarding your mortgage we are always here to help. Further down the line in your mortgage term if you consider refinancing or taking out a home equity loan we are here to discuss your options.